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See the performance of your content and team members in one place so you can take action.

You probably have lots of content.

A website, blog, email campaigns, and social networks.

But evaluating the impact each piece has on your business isn't easy. Pathful brings the performance of your content into one unified view. See how your content is impacting every stage of your sales funnel.

Team Performance

See how each content contributor is adding value to your team, what content is working, and why.

Engagement Map

Dive deep into individual pages to identify the text and images driving conversions for any goal.

Bring All Your Content Together

Pathful works with your existing tools such as email, social networks, marketing automation, and CRMs.

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The optimization work that I do, I can't deliver without Pathful. I have no other way of getting this information.
Dan Hirschberg, Lead Data Scientist
"We can see how specific content leads to higher or lower conversions."
Todd Ballowe, Content Management Developer

Find out which pieces of content are actually helping your business grow.

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